Rad Calc Software


RadCalcLE™ is a utility program to aid people using instruments made by Ludlum Measurements, Inc. to determine certain detection limits quickly, easily, and accurately. The "LE" stands for "Ludlum Edition." RadCalcLE version 1.0 performs all of the important statistical calculations for measurements of radioactive surface contamination including minimum detectable activity (MDA), detection limit (sometimes called minimum detectable count rate or MDCR), and critical level (Lc). It also calculates sample activity. Input and results can be in any commonly used U.S. or metric units of count rate, activity, and area--all unit conversions are performed automatically. Specific Ludlum instruments and detectors can be selected from dropdown lists so that it is not necessary to calculate time constants or detector area. (Or you can manually input these parameters in case you happen to have an old instrument or detector from some other manufacturer hanging around.)

The program is designed be intuitive and extremely simple to use. Results can be printed for reference, saved as a text file (for import into word processing programs), or copied and pasted into other applications. RadCalcLE continuously updates the results given, so no "calculate" button needs to be pressed and no bogus results will ever be displayed, saved, or printed.

RadCalcLE can be navigated using the mouse, keyboard, or both, using standard Windows™ technique.

RadCalcLE is free to use and distribute (so long as you don't charge for it!). A full version (RadCalc Pro) is available that also calculates detection limits for wipe and air samples, calculates radioactive decay and half life, contains a large database of radioactive isotopes including radiations, energies, and intensities, performs many unit conversions and more. To purchase this full version, contact RadPro.


Click RADCALC to Download the RadCalc LE utility program

You will be given the option to "Save to Disk" or "Open" the program after completing the above procedure.  Select "Save to Disk".  Unzip the files and double-click on RadCalcLE.exe to run the program.