GM Survey Meters - Contamination

Pocket Size - Low Cost
 Model 2401-P CE_Label

This pocket-size instrument is a general purpose radiation detection meter designed around the venerable GM pancake detector.  The detector is conveniently packaged inside the instrument with a protective screen window located on the backside of the instrument.

  • Detector sensitivity: 3300 cpm/mR/hr

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Traditional Style
Model 3 Ratemeter & Model 44-9 GM Pancake Detector CE_Label

This is Ludlum’s best-selling Model 3 analog ratemeter, in combination with the industry-standard Model 44-9 GM pancake detector that delivers a universal and very robust radiation counting system.  The meter and probe body are constructed from cast and formed metal that withstand rugged daily use.   A separate, front accessible compartment facilitates changing batteries after 2000 hours of operation.

  • Detector sensitivity: 3300 cpm/mR/hr

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GM Pancake Energy Filters
Model 44-9EXP & 44-9DOSE CE_Label

GM pancake detectors have a significant over-response at lower energies that produce false dose readings.  To correct this situation Ludlum has produced an energy filter that simply snaps onto the detector whenever taking readings other than contamination type. 

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Intrinsically Safe
Model 3-IS & Model 44-9 GM Pancake Detector CE_Label

This instrument is designed for use in explosive gas environments and meets the US instrinsic safety standards.  It is functionally identical to the Model 3 with 44-9 probe system described above.

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Stretch Scope
 Model 78 & 78-1 CE_Label

Need an instrument that keeps you at a safe distance when taking a reading from a highly active source?  The Model 78 series extender pole stretches out to 12 feet.

• Model 78: 0.1 mR/hr to
  1000 R/hr

• Model 78-1: 1 μSv to
  10,0000 mSv

• Dual Energy Compensated GM

• Contracted Length: 1.2 m
   (4 ft)

• Extended Length: 3.7 m
   (12 ft)

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