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Model 3005 - Digital Survey Meter

The Model 3005 is an ergonomic, light-weight, digital survey meter with an internal GM detector.

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Model 3006 - Extended Reach microR Ratemeter

The Model 3006 combines a digital survey meter with a sensitive plastic scintillator detector mounted at the end of a pole for gamma or X-ray survey of trucks, scrap metal, or other areas of concern.

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Model 3000 & Model 3001 with Bluetooth LE® Option

The Model 3000 and 3001 series instruments are versatile, lightweight, and ergonomically-designed for use with external detectors for alpha, beta, and/or gamma radiation survey. Both are now available with the new Bluetooth LE® option, making them compatible with these free apps available for iOS and Android:

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Model 3276 Hand and Foot Monitor

In this configuration, the Model 3276 is connected to both a Model 44-25 Hand Monitor and a Model 44-26 Foot Monitor in a simple yet effective system. Features include the ability to measure radiation in count rate, exposure rate/dose, activity rate, integrated exposure/dose, time-averaged rates, and and scaler counts.

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Model 3276 H&F


Model 3002 with Model 43-93

The Model 3002 is a lightweight, ergonomically-designed instrument with an external detector used for alpha and beta survey. Features include a large, easily readable LCD display; piercing audio warning tone; easy, intuitive, user-friendly design; and splash-resistant construction for outdoor use. This configuration includes a 43-93 alpha-beta scintillation detector.

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Model 3276



Model 30-7 Neutron Detector

This instrument combines the Model 30 digital display unit with a 17.8 cm (7 in.) REM ball containing a 3He detector, providing a lighter weight and more compact instrument for determining neutron dose rates.

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